Services for people living with HIV

We provide outpatient clinics, peer support, psychology services and welfare support for people living with HIV at our main clinic at Twickenham House. 

Patients requiring inpatient or other specialist care may be referred to our services at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

We offer appointments on Tuesday morning and afternoon and Thursday afternoon with the appropriate, specialist members of staff are available to support you. 

To book or rearrange an appointment, please call 020 8321 5718 or 5675.

If you require an emergency prescription or need to speak to someone urgently, please contact the Health Adviser Team on 020 8321 5675 or 020 8321 6831 or 020 8321 2566. Please leave a message and the answerphone will be checked throughout the day Monday–Friday.

Our HIV team

  • Dr Ellen Dwyer (Lead Consultant physician)
  • Dr Lauren Bull (Acting Lead Consultant physician)
  • Dr Natasha Bell (Consultant physician)
  • Hasan Mohammed (Specialist HIV Pharmacist)
  • Carolyn Barker (Senior Welfare Adviser)
  • Chris Williams (Peer Support Coordinator)

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust offers a range of healthcare services to support your HIV care. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to access our services, which includes a self-referral option for peer support.

Peer support for people living with HIV

What is peer support?

Having the opportunity to talk to someone else living with HIV can be very helpful regardless of when someone received their HIV diagnosis. Peer support is when people share their own experiences and knowledge to support each other and improve wellbeing. This approach complements the support and care provided by your clinic team, by offering a safe space for open discussions to reduce feelings of isolation and increase a person’s confidence. For our patients living with HIV, please see the British HIV Association update on COVID treatments for people with HIV (

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