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Medical history
Have you been vaccinated for COVID-19?   Studies have shown that hospital admission and severe illness are more common in pregnant women (compared to those not pregnant). If you decide to have a COVID-19 vaccine, please inform one of our staff or contact your GP to organise.

Medical and mental health history   (please tick all that apply)
Are you allergic to latex?  

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Day Assessment Unit assessment
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Enhanced pathway assessment
I have the following medical conditions:   (please tick all that apply)
Social complexities
I have the following social complexities:   (please tick all that apply)
Your scan   The majority of scans we do in our units are done ‘transvaginally’ which means the ultrasound probe is placed into the lower part of the vagina for improved pelvic assessment. It is not harmful to a pregnancy. It is also safe for you and should not be painful. If you feel unable to complete the scan this way or would like a chaperone during the scan, please let us know on the day.
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Chelsea and Westminster
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T: 020 8321 5608

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