Antenatal workshops

Our antenatal workshops

Antenatal breastfeeding workshops

Our face-to-face antenatal breastfeeding workshops are run at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, West Middlesex University Hospital and in various children’s centres in the Borough of Hounslow. Parents are free to book onto a workshop at the hospital they are booked at to give birth or live nearest to.

Our online breastfeeding workshops are run by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

These workshops aim to help you feel more confident about breastfeeding and understand how to prevent and solve common breastfeeding difficulties, such as your baby not taking the breast or sore nipples, and how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. We encourage dads, partners and any other family members to join in too.

Antenatal early days workshops

Our face-to-face antenatal early days workshops are run at West Middlesex Hospital and in various children’s centres in the Borough of Hounslow.

These workshops focus on all the practicalities of having a new baby including meeting your baby and caring for them in hospital, normal newborn behaviour, feeding, nappies, bathing and skin care, sleep, car safety and more.

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Breastfeeding workshops

Early days workshop

Prepare for the breastfeeding workshop

Before you join the online group, please try to watch the following films:

If you have particular needs in relation to feeding your baby or accessing support, we encourage you to contact us before your baby is born. 

Infant Feeding Team at Chelsea and Westminster 
T: 020 3315 3017

Infant Feeding Team at West Middlesex 
T: 020 8321 5006

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