Diagnosing cancer at chelsea and westminster hospital

What we do

We have some of the latest screening tools for diagnosing cancer, including a range of imaging tools including CT (Computerised Tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans, and nuclear medicine. These are provided by our clinical imaging teams.

We can also offer PET (positron emission tomography) scanning via our links with other hospitals in the area.

Some patients require investigative tests which can be provided by our endoscopy service or blood tests which are provided by our phlebotomy service.

Referral for most diagnostic testing will come via your GP if they suspect you may have cancer, or if there is a history of cancer in your family.

We appreciate what a worrying time this can be for patients and their family and friends, and we are happy to offer whatever support and information you need. We aim to be world-class leaders in helping people to live longer and to survive a cancer diagnosis. We also work with charities, such as Macmillan, to ensure that our services continue to be developed in way that best meets the needs of each and every cancer patient we see.


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