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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Bariatric Surgery Support Group

What is the bariatric surgery support group?

The group is an opportunity to speak to other patients who are having or have had bariatric surgery at this hospital and to share experiences, challenges and helpful ideas and tips.

  • In the first hour (6–7pm) we will have a presentation or focus on a specific topic (as listed below). These topics are reviewed by the support group at the end of each year and topics for the following year are agreed.
  • The second hour (7–8pm) is an open forum so that people attending the support group have the opportunity to get information or advice from each other.

When and where is it held?

For 2019, the group is held on Wednesdays (see dates below) from 6–8pm in Room 26, Lower Ground Floor Outpatients Department at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

  • Wed 16 Jan: Food routine and portion sizes 
  • Wed 20 Mar: Making steps to change your lifestyle—alcohol use
  • Wed 22 May: Exercise (including fitness trackers/apps)
  • Wed 16 Oct: Managing setbacks
  • Wed 13 Nov: Plastic surgeon  

Who can attend?

It is open to patients who are receiving weight loss surgery at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Friends and relatives are also welcome.

Ground rules

To assist in the smooth running of the group and to ensure there is support for all patients, friends and family members who require it, the group would appreciate it if you would please respect the following guidelines:

  • Please arrive on time as arriving late may disrupt the speaker and the group
  • Mobile phones are to be switched to silent—if you need to take a call please leave the room quietly
  • Only one person is to speak at a time—please try to listen and do not speak over anyone else
  • Every member of the group is warmly invited to contribute but we respect the fact that some people prefer to remain quiet in groups
  • Offer your support to all members of the group
  • Respect all of the group’s privacy—please do not share any information discussed within the group with others
  • Please do not feel like you have to tell the group how much weight you have lost

Staff request: If you have questions or queries related to your individual care that are urgent, please contact the relevant department during working hours. Alternatively, if not urgent then please wait until your next appointment in the clinic, as we are not able to provide individual consultations during the support group.

National patient support networks

Weight Loss Surgery Information (Central London Support Group)
Meets third Saturday of each month

Further information

International conference (2012)

The Trust organised the Future of Obesity Treatment—an international conference which reviewed the current status of obesity treatment and discussed how best to address the challenges in the future.


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