Children's orthopaedics

Chelsea and Westminster have 3 advanced practice physiotherapists in paediatric orthopaedics (APPs) who work closely alongside the 2 paediatric orthopaedic consultants and their medical teams.

APPs are specialist physiotherapists with further training and expertise in children’s orthopaedics. They can request further investigations as required such as X-rays and blood tests if indicted. If further intervention such as physiotherapy treatment, orthotic management or surgical consideration is indicated, appropriate referrals will be made.

Our paediatric orthopaedic service receives a high volume of referrals. Our APPs work alongside our consultants ensuring children are assessed promptly helping to cut down on waiting times for consultant appointments. Their high level of expertise also ensures efficient effective care. They have excellent links with the community and acute physiotherapists both locally and nationally.


Chelsea and Westminster outpatient department and outreach clinics in selected community clinics and special schools.



  • Ponseti (GP or between service referrals)
  • Neuro-orthopaedics (GP or tertiary referrals—referrals can be made from physiotherapists, if agreed by GP)
  • Gait Clinic (GP referrals)
  • Neonatal screening clinics (postnatal referrals and GP/HV referrals)
  • Musculoskeletal clinics (consultant, GP and physiotherapy referrals)

Further information

Find out more about the clinics we run:

Meet the team

  • Anne McNee—neuro-orthopaedics
  • Denise Watson—Ponseti

To contact the team directly, please call 020 3315 1604.

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