Additional support to attend a Sexual Health clinic

I need additional support to attend a Sexual Health Hounslow clinic

  • Our sexual health services are for everybody.
  • We can help with anything about sex, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and condoms
  • Sexual Health is very private. You can choose to be seen on your own, with a support worker or with one of our Health Advisers.

We would like to know about any extra support you need. We can:

  • Give you easy read information
  • Help you to book an appointment
  • Give you extra time
  • Make space for a friend or support worker
  • Help you to fill out forms and fill in your Sexual Health Passport
  • Find a quiet place to sit while you are waiting in the clinic
  • Help you with worries or questions before you come to the clinic
  • Meet you when you arrive to explain things
  • Have a Health Adviser stay with you during your appointment

Sexual Health Passport

We will also need some information about your body and your sex life so the doctor or nurse knows how to help you. We are working on a Sexual Health Passport to collect this information and this will published soon.

  • You can fill in the information yourself before you come to the clinic
  • You can get help from your support worker before you come to the clinic
  • You can get help from one of our Health Advisers at the clinic

I have a question or a worry—is there someone I can call?

Yes, you can call the Health Adviser Team on one of the numbers below:

  • Sue 07721 742920
  • Sophie 07901 067210
  • Arshia 020 8321 2566 
  • Garrin 020 8321 5675
  • Abi 020 8321 6831

Or email the Health Adviser Team:

Easy read information: