Our strategic priorities

The Trust Board agreed the organisation’s strategic priorities for 2019/20. Further detail is published in our annual report and accounts.

1. Deliver high-quality, patient-centred care

Patients, their friends, family and carers will be treated with unfailing kindness and respect by every member of staff in every department and their experience and quality of care will be second to none.

How will we know we’ve achieved this priority?

  • We will continue to have some of the lowest mortality rates in the NHS
  • We will be the best performing London Trust for A&E, cancer and Referral to Treatment (RTT) standards

2. Be the employer of choice

We will provide every member of staff with the support, information, facilities and environment they need to develop in their roles and careers, and we will recruit and retain people we need to deliver high-quality services to our patients and other service users.

How will we know we’ve achieved this priority?

  • We will have more than 90% of our permanent jobs filled by permanent staff
  • We will have less than 13% of our staff leaving each year
  • We will achieve an above average score for staff engagement in the national Staff Survey

3. Deliver better care at lower cost

We will look to continuously improve the quality of care and patient experience through the most efficient use of our resources (financial and human, including staff, partners, stakeholders, volunteers and friends).

How will we know we’ve achieved this priority?

  • We will deliver our financial plan in full
  • We will be in the top 10% of NHS Trusts for financial efficiency based on national best practice


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