Our Voice—hospital youth forum

Are you 11–18? Join our friendly youth forum and share YOUR hospital experience

What is Our Voice youth forum?

Our Voice is the hospital youth forum which is a safe and confidential space for patients aged 11–18. Our Voice members come together to express their views and opinions about their hospital experience and work together to help improve the services available to them.

What sort of things will Our Voice do?

  • Share experiences about being in hospital 
  • Raise awareness about improvements that can be made in the hospital service 
  • Act on issues raised in the Youth Forum by creating campaigns, projects or raising funds
  • Allow young people to work together and collaborate on projects
  • Represent young people who are or have been in hospital
  • Create a better hospital experience for young people aged 11–18

          Who can join Our Voice?

          Our Voice is open to anyone aged 11–18 who has been in hospital or has a sibling or friend who has been in hospital. It is also open to those aged 11–18 who aspire to a career in healthcare or are passionate about giving children and young people a voice. 

          Where and how often will Our Voice meet?

          Our Voice meetings will be held at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. We aim to meet on a regular basis, with at least one session every 12 weeks. As a member you will be required to attend as many meetings as possible, but don’t worry if you miss a meeting.

          Meetings will be held during the school holiday or on a Saturday. Refreshments and lunch will be provided for you and transport can be arranged for any young person who attends from West Middlesex Hospital.

          What are the benefits of joining Our Voice?

          Becoming part of this youth-led project will give you the opportunity to meet new people, have your voice heard and put your ideas forward. It will also give you the chance to collaborate with other young people on campaigns and projects Our Voice wants to take forward.

          It is a great opportunity to develop and learn new skills as well as add something attractive to your Record of Achievement or CV. 

          How can I join Our Voice youth forum?

          If you would like to join the Youth Forum or learn more about it, please complete the form below and our Hospital Youth Worker will be in touch.

          Our Voice registration form

          Please ask a parent or guardian to complete this with you as we will need their details and permission to get in touch. 

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