Allergy service (children)

What we do

Our consultant-led allergy clinic for children at Chelsea and Westminster is one of the few services of its kind in northwest London. We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of severe food allergies and atopy (hypersensitive allergic reactions) in children up to 16 years. We run three multidisciplinary clinics each week where our patients benefit from support given by our dietetic, nutrition, dermatology and gastroenterology teams. We have a monthly joint allergy and dermatology clinic and run separate specialist skin prick test clinics in our Children’s Outpatients department.

We manage and treat conditions including anaphylaxis, chronic urticaria (hives), eczema (as a result of food allergies) and suspected food allergies producing an acute or delayed reactions in children.

The children’s allergy service at West Middlesex University Hospital offers consultant-led one-stop clinics to children in North West London—the clinics are popular with our local population and GPs alike. We normally carry out allergy diagnostic tests with results and expert opinions provided to parents on the same day.

We run three clinics per week and handle atopic conditions like food allergy, anaphylaxis, urticaria, respiratory allergy and eczema triggered by allergy.

The clinic is acknowledged by British Society of Allergy and Immunology (BSACI).

Our team

Our team consists of Lead Consultant Mike Markiewicz and Consultant Wathik Alsaud at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

At West Middlesex University Hospital, the lead consultant is Dr Anjan Chakrabarty, General Paediatrician with a special interest in allergy. 


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Children’s Outpatients
1st Floor, Lift Bank B

T: 020 3315 8657

West Middlesex University Hospital

Children’s Outpatients
3rd Floor

T: 020 8321 5424

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