Special Care Baby Unit

What we do

The Special Care Baby unit (SCBU) at West Middlesex University Hospital is a level 1 unit adjacent to Queen Mary’s Maternity Unit. The unit consists of 16 cots—12 designated for special care babies, 3 high dependency care (HDU) cots and 1 intensive care (ITU) cot for stabilisation of babies requiring intensive care before transfer to a Level 3 unit.

The unit also has 5 individual ensuite parent and baby rooms where babies who need minimal nursing care and monitoring can stay with their parents. These rooms are also used for ‘rooming in’ before babies are discharged. This means parents can spend time with their babies on the unit before being discharged home, particularly if babies are breastfeeding. We regard parents as partners in care and encourage them to be involved in the care of their babies.

Our consultant-led ward rounds usually run from 10am–12 noon each day. Our philosophy is to integrate care and we encourage parents to be present and participate as much as possible in ward rounds and decision-making processes about their baby’s care. Parents may be asked to wear earphones when doctors are discussing other babies to maintain confidentiality.

Our team

Our team consists of consultants, nursing and support staff, including:

  • Dr Eleanor Hulse (Lead Consultant)
  • Tracy Armstrong (Paediatric Matron)
  • Sharnette Wallace-Mailor (Ward Manager)

Our nurseries

The SCBU is organised into three different nurseries: 

  • High dependency nursery: For babies who are unwell or premature and require intensive or high dependency nursing and medical care
  • Nursery 1: High dependency or special care babies
  • Nursery 2: Special care babies where families can gain confidence in caring for their babies in a relaxed and supported environment before taking them home 

Getting in touch

Phoning the unit

Parents are welcome to call the unit at any time to enquire about their baby’s progress.  To maintain confidentiality, information cannot be given to other family members or friends. More detailed discussions about your baby can take place when you are visiting, rather than on the phone.

T: 020 8321 5944/5945 (Nursery 1 and high dependency)
T: 020 8321 6754/6755 (Nursery 2 and parent and baby room)

Visiting the unit

We operate an open visiting policy for parents/carers. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no children or members of extended family/friends are able to visit. These restrictions are regularly reviewed.

Rest time for babies is from 1–3pm. We carry out as little activity as possible during this time. In all our nurseries, we keep noise low and lights dimmed to encourage our babies to rest. Parents are encouraged to spend this protected time with their baby.

Please respect the privacy of other babies and families.

Parents’ support group

Parents are invited to attend our weekly support group which provides an opportunity for to share their experiences and talk through any concerns to explore together what may help. Please ask your nurse for more information.

Car parking

Free car parking is available for parents/carers of babies. Please speak to the nurse in charge for further information.

Contact Information

Neonatal Unit
3rd Floor
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

General (non-clinical) enquiries
T: 020 3315 7928
E: chelwest.neonatal@nhs.net 

Neonatal Unit Reception
T: 020 3315 7883

Special Care Baby Unit
1st Floor
Queen Mary Maternity Unit 
West Middlesex University Hospital

Nursery 1 and high dependency
T: 020 8321 5944/5945

Nursery 2 and parent and baby room
T: 020 8321 6754/6755


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