Acute Diagnostic Oncology Clinic (ADOC)

Offering rapid access to treatment for cancer-related emergencies

What we do

Improving time to cancer diagnosis

Based at Chelsea and Westminster, our clinic provides better patient and GP experience with faster access to relevant tests to diagnose or exclude cancer in a cost-effective manner. It is a service specifically designed for GPs to refer patients with an urgent suspected cancer diagnosis, where the patient is not well enough to wait for a two-week standard referral, but is well enough to attend an outpatient appointment. The clinic has recently expanded and is now accepting referrals for patients who have vague, non-specific but serious symptoms that raise the index of suspicion of a cancer diagnosis. 

We aim to see patients within 5 working days, or within 24 hours depending on patient urgency. GPs can contact the ADOC team to discuss their patient before an appointment will be agreed. The clinic team are happy to discuss cases and provide advice and guidance by email or telephone. 


Patients must meet the criteria:

  1. High clinical or radiological suspicion of cancer
  2. Do not meet a clear alternative pathway or too unwell to wait for a ‘two-week wait’ appointment
  3. Well enough to attend an outpatient clinic
  4. Are 18 years or over
  5. Aware that they may have cancer

Medical emergencies should not be referred to the clinic and instead should be sent to A&E.

Our team

The team is lead by Dr Tom Newsom-Davis, Consultant Medical Oncologist, and Rachel Sharkey, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Acute Oncology. Dr Abhijit Gill, a GP with special interest in oncology, has now joined the team to provide general diagnostic and oncology expertise.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Medical Day Unit, Ground Floor, Lift Bank D


T: 020 3315 5000, option 6



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