Young persons

Teenagers/young people are very welcome to attend the John Hunter clinic, 56 Dean Street or 10 Hammersmith Broadway during standard opening hours—find out how to book an appointment. However, we also provide many Cont@ct services which are designated young persons services for which you do not need an appointment and can just walk-in during opening hours. These Cont@ct services are detailed below:

ClinicPatient groupAddressOpening timesHow to access the clinic
Cont@ct 19 years and under 56 Dean Street
W1D 6AQ 
Mon/Tue/Thu: 8am–7pm
Wed: 12 noon–7pm
Fri: 9am–4pm
Sat: 11am–4pm
Cont@ct2 17 years and under 10 Hammersmith Broadway
W6 7AL 

Mon/Tue/Thu: 9am–5pm
Wed: 1pm-5pm
Fri: 9–11am

Cont@ct2 @ College Attendees of Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College Tue (term time): 12 noon–2pm Walk-in
Call 020 3315 9779 for more information or advice

Cont@ct is a confidential service run by non-judgmental and friendly staff who are used to dealing with many sensitive problems.

At all these clinics we provide:

  • Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs)
  • HIV tests
  • Emergency contraception and pregnancy testing
  • Contraception
  • Free condoms
  • Hepatitis B vaccinations for at-risk individuals
  • Sexual health advice and counselling
  • Information and advice for those who have been sexually assaulted/abused

It is not necessary to bring your parents or an adult with you but it can be helpful if you are under 16.

We do not routinely disclose your visit/personal information to your parents or GP.

For telephone advice please call on 020 3315 9779 for 10 Hammersmith Broadway or 020 3315 9591 for 56 Dean Street.

Note: Pharmacies can provide emergency contraception in the event you cannot attend our service.

Book an appointment

T: 020 3315 6699 (CW)
T: 020 8321 5718 (WM)

Mon: 8:30am–5:30pm
Tue: 8:30am–5:30pm
Wed: 11am–5:30pm
Thu: 8:30am–5:30pm
Fri: 8:30am–5pm
Sat/Sun: closed


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