Outpatient HIV physiotherapy

There will be no outpatient HIV physiotherapy appointments provided in-person. Please do not attend your appointment.

People receiving HIV care from any of our HIV clinics, can be referred by any healthcare professional to our specialist HIV Physiotherapists. Clinics have been disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we currently provide virtual appointments by phone or Zoom.

In person clinics were located in Gazzard Day Unit for individual in-person Physiotherapy. Individual Physiotherapy can support you with aches and pains, movement and mobility problems, body image concerns, low mood and depression, side effects of treatments, living with and beyond cancer, brain and nerve problems, heart and lung conditions, difficulties functioning in everyday life, and help to be more active and exercise.

We use PhysiApp® which lets you quickly and conveniently access home exercise programmes created by your Physiotherapist. PhysiApp®  provides crystal clear professionally narrated videos to show you how to perform your exercises correctly, and provides reminders so you always remember to do your exercises thanks to in-app, email and/or SMS reminders. PhysiApp® also lets you track your progress and feedback in real-time, allowing your Physiotherapist to better support you based on clear outcome data. PhysiApp® is available on Apple, Android and web, and your Physiotherapist will provide you with an access code.

We currently provide HIV Physiotherapy virtually helping people who cannot attend appointments in person at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, and to make access easier from your own home, either by phone or Zoom. 

We also provide a group rehabilitation intervention called the Kobler Rehabilitation Class, that supports people living with HIV in a safe and welcoming environment. People living with HIV can access the Kobler Rehabilitation Class following an initial assessment in our HIV Physiotherapy clinic.

If you would like to make or change your physiotherapy appointment, please call 020 3315 8404 or email chelwest.therapies@nhs.net.  


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