Learning disabilities services

Ensuring access to healthcare for people with learning disabilities

We are committed to supporting people with learning disabilities which dovetails with a performance indicator set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure access to healthcare for people with learning disabilities.

As such, we have implemented a number of measures to improve the support we provide which are detailed on these web pages, including a dedicated executive lead for learning disabilities. 

Let's get it right for patients with learning disabilities.

Healthcare Communication Resource

This has been developed to ensure that people with communication difficulties have help to understand what is happening to them and also to support the person to express themselves. The resource contains information about why people may have difficulties understanding or communicating, provides useful tips  to improve communication and pages of pictures to help with communication.

Contact information

Kathryn Mangold (Trustwide)
Lead Nurse for Learning Disability and Transition
T: 020 3315 6599
M: 07581 627 472

Nick Hale (Trustwide)
Lead Nurse for Adult Safeguarding
T: 0203 315 5061
M: 07794 523328

PALS office (C&W site)
T: 020 3315 6727

PALS office (WMUH site)

Clinical Site Managers (C&W site)
T: 020 3315 8000 Bleep 0111 (weekends and nights only)

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