Hip screening

The hip screening service diagnoses and treats infants with Developmental Hip Dysplasia.

Developmental Hip Dysplasia (DDH) describes a range of conditions in which the ball and socket of the hip joint do not develop properly, before birth.

Infants are referred for this screening if they have any risk factors for the condition such as being breech in the last trimester or a positive family history of DDH. They will also be referred if there are any clinical concerns from their routine post natal check regarding their hip development.

All infants referred have an ultrasound scan (USS) of their hips (ideally aged 6–8 weeks old), which is then measured by the APP in paediatric orthopaedics or a Sonographer, to determine if further scans or treatment is required. Any intervention will be discussed fully at an Orthopaedic Appointment.

Further information

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