Dermatology (children)

What we do

Our consultant-led service diagnoses and treats skin diseases in children including severe eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, haemangioma (strawberry marks), acne and vitiligo (loss of pigment). Supported by a paediatric dermatology clinical nurse specialist, we offer six consultant-led and three nurse-led outpatient clinics a week and provide 24 hour, seven day cover for the hospital.

We also have a paediatric rapid access service run by a consultant paediatric dermatologist.  This is only accessed through your own GP or your local emergency department.

We hold a consultant led paediatric surgical clinic regularly throughout the year, where it may be possible to see and treat on the same day. Other specialist clinics include joint dermatology and allergy and vascular anomalies and birth marks.

We also hold laser consultation clinics and offer laser treatments for birthmarks and vascular skin conditions. We will expand the service to offer laser treatments for other skin conditions. Our nurse specialists hold nurse-led iontophoresis clinics for the treatment for hyperhidrosis.

Children benefit from a multidisciplinary team which includes input from other paediatric specialties including paediatricians, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, allergy, dietetics and psychology to develop holistic  management plans.  If required, patients are also supported through a seamless transfer to our adult dermatology service.

Our team

Our team consists of Dr Bisola Laguda, who is the Lead Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist, Dr Eirini Merika and Clinical Nurse Specialists Kathryn Nippress and Ida Bafende.


Children’s Outpatients, 1st Floor, Lift Bank D


T: 020 3315 8657


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