Get involved

Research is for everyone! 

We offer a variety of studies across a wide range of clinical specialties within the trust that you may be able to take part in. 

Your healthcare professional or a member of the research team may talk to you about research opportunities at the trust that may be related to your current health condition. However, we also recruit to studies that require healthy volunteers.

To explore research opportunities at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, you can refer to the list of studies that are open to recruitment. 

Further information about research and clinical trials:

COVID-19 vaccine study

The Trust has so far recruited more than 700 participants into 3 clinical trials studying investigational vaccines against COVID-19. 

If you are a participant, relevant information about vaccination status in the NHS App, vaccine passport and similar are available below:

We also anticipate recruiting for other COVID-19 vaccine trials in future.

Interested individuals are invited to email their contact details to or phone 0782 568 1110. There is also a national register for COVID-19 vaccine trials where you can express your interest.

Information for participants of these studies