When will I go home?

We support mothers and their new babies to return home as soon as possible. The length of time you will need to stay at the unit is dependent on your labour and childbirth experience. Most mums are discharged by late morning or early afternoon.

After normal vaginal delivery

In the event of an uncomplicated birth you will usually be able to go home from 6 hours after you have given birth. Average length of stay in the unit is one day after a normal delivery and 1–2 days after an instrumental vaginal delivery.

After Caesarean section

You can expect to go home 1–2 days after your caesarean section if all is well. If you have a planned section, the recovery programme aims to have you fit and well enough to go home the day after.

If you or your baby requires a longer stay due to complications, you will be advised accordingly. Your doctor and midwife will keep you informed of developments.

Your care will be continued by your community midwife at your home the next day.

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