Gastrointestinal cancers

What we do

Gastrointestinal cancers are those affecting the bowel, stomach, oesophagus, liver and pancreas. We offer diagnosis and surgical treatment of colorectal cancers and refer upper gastrointestinal cancers for surgical treatment via our partnership with The Royal Marsden Hospital.

Care is delivered by multidisciplinary teams who meet weekly to discuss and plan individualised patient care, to ensure you received the best treatment possible. Our clinical nurse specialists will offer support at all stages of your journey, particularly during investigation, diagnosis and treatment. They will provide you with advice either face to face in the clinic or over the telephone for both you and anyone caring for you.

We also maintain close links with local specialist cancer centres in case we need to refer you there for very specific types of treatment, such as radiotherapy.

Our team

Our teams consist of specialist consultants in colorectal surgery and gastroenterologists.

At Chelsea and Westminster these are Prof P Tekkis, Miss S Mills, Mr O Warren, Mr E Tan, Mr J Thompson, Mr M Benson, Dr M Foxton, Dr N Khan and Dr J McCall, supported by nurse specialists Mel Seymour and Marie-Francoise Lawson.

At West Middlesex these are Mr Jason Smith, Dr Carole Collins, Dr Krishna Sundaram, Dr Iain Beveridge, Dr Richard Appleby, Dr Emma Johnston, Dr Moe Kyam and Dr Georgina Chadwick.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Colorectal Office, St Mary Abbots Ward

West Middlesex University Hospital

We are based in Outpatients 4, Ground Floor, East Wing of West Middlesex University Hospital.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

T: 020 3315 8354 

West Middlesex University Hospital 

T: 020 8321 5352 (colorectal)
T: 020 831 5351 (stomach, oesophagus and pancreas)

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