Going home

Staff will give you a likely collection time if you are being picked up. If you are not able to make your own arrangements and are not fit enough to travel home alone, please talk to the ward staff at least 48 hours before going home.

Don’t forget

  • Leave a forwarding address for your post
  • Ask for any medical certificates you may need
  • Return hospital library books
  • Ask for any cash or valuables you may have handed in
  • Collect your hospital discharge letter for your GP
  • Return any equipment such as crutches (if necessary at your outpatient appointment)
  • Collect your medicine—we will give you an initial supply and if it is necessary to continue treatment, you will be advised to visit your GP who will be sent a copy of your prescription

Outpatient appointments

If you need an outpatient appointment, one will be made for you before you leave Chelsea and Westminster Hospital or West Middlesex University Hospital.


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