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Referring to West Middlesex University Hospital

Please note: We have moved to digital referrals only, utilising the NHS eReferral Service (eRS)—learn more.

Outpatient referrals

Hounslow GPs 

Please refer via the Referral Facilitation Service (RFS). See the NHS Hounslow Extranet for the relevant pro formas.

Forms should be emailed via or faxed to 0800 756 7754. Practice enquiries: Tel 05511 434910. 

We are obliged to send any paper referrals received at the hospital back to the Referral Facilitation Service before booking an appointment.

Richmond GPs 

Please refer either via the Richmond Clinical Assessment Service (RCAS), or directly through eReferrals. Where services are unavailable on eReferrals, please email a paper referral to 

General referral information 

Please use the eReferrals system for all referrals where possible. 

eReferral Service (eRS)

Most of our outpatient services are accessible via eRS. 

Two Week Wait rule

These appointments are available on eRS. If your patient needs to be seen under the Two Week Wait rule please use the West London Cancer Network pro formas (download here) and attach to the eReferral within 24 hours. Gynaecology Two Week Wait appointments are not currently available via eRS. In these cases please fax the referral to 020 8321 5157. 

Antenatal clinical assessment service

This is available on eReferrals. Patients will be booked with a dummy appointment slot and later contacted with their actual appointment time and date. Please refer to the service note on eReferrals.  

Services not available on eReferrals

West Middlesex Hospital Virtual Fracture Clinic

The West Mid Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC) is for patients who require further management and referral for their injury. Please note that patients with diagnoses requiring urgent treatment should be referred to the on-call orthopaedic team directly.

Transient ischaemic attack (TIA)

TIA referrals should be completed on the form below. If the patients ABCD2 score is greater than 4 or they have had 2 or more TIA attacks within 1 week or they are on anticoagulation treatment, the patient should be sent to A/E and this should be faxed immediately to A&E on 020 8321 2516.

Early pregnancy unit (EPU)

Please complete the referral form and send to Once the patient has been given an appointment slot they must complete this questionnaire:

  • When they have been given their appointment time
  • Only once—any errors or extra information should be noted during their appointment

Tongue Tie Clinic

Referrals to our Tongue tie clinic are only accepted from a skilled infant feeding supporter, who should complete a Tongue Tie Clinic Referral Form, including your phone number and email.

Fit for surgery checklist

To prevent delays and enhance patient experience whilst reducing complications, remember to use the fit for surgery checklist, which should be completed before referring any patient for surgery, and the information included in the referral (endorsed by Department of Health in partnership with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, NHS Improvement and the NHS Cancer Action Team).

The most frequent problems picked up in our Pre-operative Assessment Department, which may result in a patient’s surgery having to be delayed, are:

  • Anaemia: Hb (<12 in women & <13 in men) have more adverse outcomes
  • Sub-optimally controlled hypertension
  • Sub-optimally controlled diabetes mellitus (HbA1c >8.0)
  • Other sub-optimally treated chronic conditions such as ischaemic heart disease, undiagnosed atrial fibrillationheart failure, and COPD

Hounslow GPs should note the Fit for Surgery list is incorporated into the Standard Generic form on the NHS Hounslow Extranet.

Other referrals

Acute Assessment Unit (AAU)

If you have a medical patient requiring secondary care please refer them direct to our AAU rather than sending them to the emergency department.  

Dial hotline 07717 150658 or the hospital switchboard (0208 560 2121) for the on call Medical Registrar (bleep 393).  

The AAU is open Mon–Fri, 9am–9pm and at weekends 2–8pm.  

The AAU is run by the acute physicians and has consultant presence throughout the day. 

Subfertility clinic

For all referrals to the subfertility clinic, please use the new referral pro forma.