What you should bring

You must bring

  • The name, address and telephone number of your GP and next of kin

Medicines and tablets

Please bring with you any medicine or tablets you are taking and give them to the staff when you arrive on the ward. They will look after them and will give them back if you need them when you leave. Please do not take your own medication when in hospital. 

You should only take medication which is given to you by the member of staff looking after you. Your doctor, named nurse or the ward pharmacist are available to discuss this matter further.

We suggest you bring

  • Two sets of nightwear
  • Dressing gown, slippers
  • Toiletries, bath towel and flannel
  • A box of tissues
  • Reading and writing materials
  • A small mirror

You can wear comfortable day clothes if you are up and about. Please note that you will only have a small locker to store your clothing and other personal items.

Please do not bring

  • Valuables—if you must bring these please hand them to the Ward Sister/Charge Nurse who will give you a receipt (we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your personal property)
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Televisions, portable radios or sound systems—any electrical equipment you bring into hospital (for example, a hairdryer) must be checked for safety reasons by our electricians


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