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Get directions to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, along with information on parking. The neonatal unit is located on the 3rd Floor at the front of the hospital. There is a temporary entrance to Neonatal Intensive Care and Neonatal High Dependency during the critical care redevelopment works.

During the redevelopment, our Special Care cots have been relocated to a dedicated area on Apollo Ward on the 1st floor. Details are provided in the leaflet.

Who can visit and when

  • Parents are welcome at any time of day or night. 
  • During the current phase of the redevelopment, which should last about 10 weeks, siblings may only visit 2–6pm and will be escorted through labour ward with their parent by a member of staff. We regret that we are unable to accommodate any other visitors to Neonatal Intensive Care and High Dependency during this period, in order to limit the number of people using the temporary access route via Labour Ward. Visiting on Special Care is unaffected, and follows our normal policy as below:
    • Adult visitors are welcome from 3–8pm. No visitors other than parents will be permitted from 1–3pm. This enables parents to spend uninterrupted Quiet Time with their baby.
    • No more than 2 people may be at the baby’s cot at any one time, one of whom should be a parent. Limiting the number of people at the cotside reduces noise, activity and infection risk, and helps in baby’s rest and recovery.
    • Parents may nominate 4 visitors who are allowed to accompany them. Visitors must be with a parent at all times except in exceptional circumstances—please discuss with the nurse in charge.
    • Brothers and sisters of all ages are welcome to visit under parental supervision. Other children under 11 years of age are not permitted.
    • During winter months, due to the high risk of respiratory viruses, siblings under 11 years will not be allowed to visit.
  • Any visitor with a cold, cold sore or other infection should not visit. Anyone with stomach upset should not visit for until 48 hours after symptoms have resolved. Parents who are unwell are advised to discuss this with the nursing staff. Non-immunised siblings should not visit if they have any symptoms of any sort, or have been in contact with other children with chicken pox or measles.

Ward rounds

Parents are encouraged to join ward rounds to participate in the care of their baby. Other visitors will be asked to leave the nursery when a ward round or handover is taking place, and parents will be asked to wear sound-isolating headphones when other babies are being seen. This is to preserve the confidentiality of each baby’s case. Handovers and ward rounds usually occur between 8am and 12 noon, and between 8pm and 9pm.

Entering the neonatal unit

A security system is in place throughout the entire neonatal and maternity department, such that you will need to press a buzzer by the entry/exit doors to be let in or out. This is for the babies’ safety. CCTV is operational to allow identification of visitors. On entering the unit, please remove your coat, any jewellery on hands and wrists (except wedding rings) and roll up your sleeves to your elbow. Leave coats (but please remove valuables) outside the nurseries. Then please wash your hands and rub them with the antibacterial gel provided before proceeding to your baby’s cot. This is to minimise transmission of infection. You will be shown how to do this on your first visit.

Parent group

All parents of babies on the neonatal unit are welcome to join this discussion group that meets every Tuesday at 2pm. This is an opportunity for parents to meet, ask questions and obtain more support. The group is led by our clinical psychologist.

Parent rooms

Rooms are available on the neonatal unit for parents to stay. These are for parents who are about to take their baby home, in order that they can take over all care for their baby with nursing support if required. There are also a number of rooms off the neonatal unit but within the hospital grounds for parents to stay. These are allocated on a case by case basis, with priority given to parents of babies receiving intensive care and/or who live a long distance from the hospital.

Contact Information

Neonatal Unit
3rd Floor
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
369 Fulham Road
SW10 9NH

General enquiries
T: 020 3315 7881

Neonatal Unit Reception
T: 020 3315 7883

Neonatal Unit Coordinator
020 3315 8000, bleep 8869

Neonatal Medical Registrar
020 3315 8000, bleep 8235

Neonatal Surgical Registrar
020 3315 8000, bleep 4441



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