Gastroenterology & nutrition (children)

What we do

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is one of the few hospitals in London to provide a gastroenterology service for children. Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience in caring for children with stomach problems and we treat a wide range of conditions including:

  • low birth weight
  • intestinal failure (when a portion of the small intestine is not present or does not function normally),
  • motility disorders (abnormal intestinal contractions)
  • chronic inflammatory bowel disease
  • reflux
  • allergic oesophagitis (allergic condition of the oesophagus)
  • coeliac disease

We carry out a variety of different diagnostic investigations and procedures including endoscopies, speech and language assessments, stent insertions and dilations, hydrogen breath tests, tube weaning, video fluoroscopy, PH and impedance studies (to check for acid and non acid reflux).

We also run several weekly and monthly clinics for general gastroenterology, inflammatory bowel disease, motility, intestinal failure and feeding.

Our team

We have five consultant members of the team—Dr Jenny Epstein, Dr John Fell, Dr Warren Hyer, Dr Raj Kapoor and Dr Krishna Soondrum—supported by two clinical nurse specialists, Eunic Goto and Micelle Venganayi-Gudza, as well as Jackie Falconer, Dietician and support from a hospital psychologist and pharmacist.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

We work across the hospital as needed, including:

  • Children’s Outpatients, First Floor, Lift Bank D
  • Jupiter Ward, Fourth Floor, Lift Bank C
  • Mercury Ward, First Floor, Lift Bank C
  • Saturn Ward, First Floor, Lift Bank B


T: 020 3315 8628


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