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Burns Family Group

The Burns Family Group offers support and information for families who have a child that has experienced a burn or scald injury. We provide an environment where families with similar experiences can meet and support each other to help promote positive thinking. We host several ‘get togethers’ for families during the year including outings, picnics and seasonal parties. 

Each year there is a National Burns Camp for children and young people between the ages of 8–18. The camp provides a place for children to meet who have experienced a burn trauma and to help to develop their sense of independence and confidence along with often making lifelong friends.

Fundraising: The Burns Family Group needs to raise money to give children the opportunity to attend camp next year. If you are willing to raise funds or have any fundraising ideas, please contact Annette Maynard (Health Play Specialist) on 020 3315 3707 or annette.maynard@chelwest.nhs.uk. Your support would be very much appreciated.

Website supporting families of children who have had a burn injury

Supportingchildrenwithburns.co.uk contains information to help support parents or carers of children and young people who have experienced a burn injury of any kind or size. When a burn injury happens to someone you care about it can be as distressing for you as it is for them. This website is not just for parents whose child has had a major burn, as we know that it can be a difficult experience regardless of how big the burn was, or whether or not a hospital stay or surgery was required. Other adults, such as grandparents, might also find this resource helpful.

Highlights of 2019

  • National Burns Camp took place on the 11–17 August at Grafham Water Activity Centre in Cambridgeshire for our 8–17 year olds

  • Alton Towers day trip on the 14 September for our older age group was great fun 

  • Our annual family weekend was on the 20–22 September at the Fire Service Rehabilitation Centre in Littlehampton, funded by the Children’s Burns Trust

  • The first Burn Experience Parent Conference: Supporting Parents & Carers - was held on the 19 October at the Blizard Institute, London E1

  • Jamboree took place on 25–28 October also at Grafham Water

Recent events

  • A trip to experience the magical Hogwarts in the Snow experience at the Harry Potter Studios took place on 8 January 2020

Upcoming events

  • 14–22 February 2020 is the first year a small group of young burns survivors have been given the opportunity to learn to scuba dive and gain their PADI Open Water qualification in Egypt. FULLY BOOKED
  • Early March 2020 there will be a family weekend at Grafham Waters including activities and therapeutic workshops for all the family. Contact Annette for details.

London Area Burns Adult Support Group

The group meets roughly four times a year and is open to adults (16+) who have experienced a burn of any sort, at any age, and have been treated at any hospital. Although based in London we have members from Cambridge, Norfolk, Kent, Devon and Wales. We alternate between meeting to listen to speakers, have group discussions, and take part in social events. We are happy for people to bring family and friends with them.

This group offers a unique opportunity to not only get support from but also to give support to other burns survivors. People tell us that it can be really valuable to meet others with experiences of burns.

Venue news

Our friends at Changing Faces have kindly hosted us for many years at their offices off Tottenham Court Road in Central London but the time has come for them and therefore us to move. So our end of year gathering in December was our last one there.

Our new venue for 2020 is the Waterloo Action Centre just around the corner from Waterloo Station and across from the Old Vic Theatre. The times will be the same (6.30-8 PM) but the days of the week are different. For more details on the venue and how to get there go to their website at www.waterlooactioncentre.co.uk

We really hope you will be able to join us and look forward to seeing you there.

Recent events

  • On Thursday 5 December we celebrated our end of year party with food, drink, games and chat. As usual there was a mix of new and seasoned members of the group.

Upcoming events

  • Monday 16 March 2020, 6:30–8pm—Specialist burns dietitian, Rachel Meynell, will be joining us to talk about her role within the burns multi-disciplinary team and to answer your questions on burns and nutrition
  • Late June/early July - after some discussion our summer event will be another (different) guided walking tour and I will be setting up a poll for members to choose which tour they would like to take
  • Tuesday 15 September 2020, 6:30–8pm
  • Monday 7 December 2020, 6:30–8pm—End-of-year party

For more information or to join our database please contact:

Lisa Williams
T: 020 3315 2504
E: lmwilliams@nhs.net

Dans Fund for Burns website and live chat forum for burn-injured adults

In 2018 Dan's Fund for Burns launched a new site adultburnsupportuk.org bringing together all of the most helpful resources and information on the aftercare help/support available to burn-injured adults in the UK and putting it on one site for easy access. In November 2018 they launched a weekly moderated Live Online Chat every Wednesday from 7:30–9pm (UK time). The ABSUK Live Chat has been developed to provide the opportunity for those affected by a burn injury to share their story and give and receive mutual support in a real-time, safe and private forum. To participate in the Live Chat, users must be registered and logged in. If you would like to share your experiences or discuss any issues you may be having in relation to burns, please register ahead of time and then login on the night.

Coping with the stress of a traumatic incident

We give this leaflet to our patients and families who have experienced a traumatic event. It contains information about how people might be affected, common reactions, helpful hints including grounding, self care and potential sources of help.


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