RIQI 2020 event

Research, Innovation and Quality Improvement Event, on 10–12 November 2020—documents and recordings from the virtual event to celebrate and showcase best practice across Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Research, Innovation and Quality Improvement event to celebrate and showcase best practice across the Trust at RIQI 2020

This year’s RIQI was hosted virtually over 3 lunchtime sessions and a Digital Poster Gallery showcasing 48 Research, Innovation and Quality Improvement projects to celebrate success and inspire future work.

All session recordings can be seen on the Trust Vimeo Showcase, direct links are below.

We recommend the Winners of the RIQI 2020 CEO Awards:

Determined to develop—10 Nov 2020

  1. Welcome by Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett, Trust Chairman
  2. Keynote: PIONEER Trial: The rapid development of a therapeutic drug study in a pandemic environment - Dr Chris Orton
  3. The Positive and Negative Impact of using 'Zoom' for Foundation Programme Teaching - Dr Alasdair MacRae
  4. Pregnancy following bariatric surgery: Effect of surgery-to-conception interval and weight loss on pregnancy outcomes - Miriam Bourke
  5. Highlights from the Oral Health Programme (OHP) at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital - Dr Tej Gadhia, Kanar Ahmed
  6. Improving Point of Care Ultrasound Documentation - Dr Fei Lin, Dr Julia Burkert-Milone
  7. Come Together: How Chelsea and Westminster Trust's two library services work collaboratively - Phillip Barlow, Louise Levitt

Digital advancement—11 Nov 2020

  1. Welcome by Bruno Botelho, Director of Digital Operations
  2. Keynote: Use of data to assist clinicians to identify and manage COVID-19 patients at risk of developing preventable conditions - Dr Marcela Vizcaychipi, Alex McCarthy, Alice Howard, Prof. Claire Shovlin
  3. A picture of Health: Determining the core population the Trust serves, and understanding their key health needs - Dr Jonathan Clarke, Dr Emily Grundy
  4. Implementation of Attend Anywhere to allow offsite working - Raelene Marx
  5. Clinical outcomes of digital sensor alerting systems in remote monitoring systems - Dr Fahad Iqbal
  6. Home fitting of electrocardiogram (ECG) ambulatory monitors during COVID-19 - Zainah Muddasir, Dr Sadia Khan
  7. REmote MOniToring usE in suspected cases of COVID-19 - Dr Fahad Iqbal
  8. Summary and close of the day by Bruno Botelho

 COVID-19 response and recovery—12 Nov 2020

  1. Welcome by Lesley Watts, CEO and Dr Roger Chinn, Medical Director
  2. Keynote: Applying HIV Research Experience to COVID-19 Studies and Vaccine Trials - Dr Marta Boffito, Rosalie Housman, Lester Macabod
  3. Whisper down the lane: communication challenges wearing FFP3 - Dr Sophie McEvoy
  4. An Infographic in an infodemic: communication in a global pandemic with simplicity, design and speed - Dr Louise Robinson and Dr Antonia Field-Smith
  5. Lung Ultrasound Findings in COVID-19 and correlation to disease severity - Dr Julia Burkert-Milone
  6. The PrEP Impact Trial COVID-19 response - Andrea Cartier
  7. Insight into mental health of individuals undergoing mandatory isolation - Dr Fahad Iqbal
  8. Summary and Close of the day by Prof Mark Johnson

RIQI 2020 digital poster gallery

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