We have a wide range of information for patients, families and carers. We will supply any leaflets we think are useful but if you have any specific requests, please ask a member of staff.

Patient leaflets

Things to think about

During your stay we will offer you detailed advice and recommendations on things that you may wish to change in your lifestyle.

Actions you can take

  • not smoking
  • engaging in regular exercise
  • reducing stress levels—some people find things like yoga and other strategies helpful
  • eating a healthy diet—this includes:
    • maintaining a healthy weight
    • decreasing saturated fat consumption
    • reducing salt intake
    • increasing intake of fruit and vegetables
    • increasing consumption of fish, especially oily fish
    • keeping alcohol consumption within safe limits

Further support

You may find that your mood is affected in a number of ways. This can include low mood, irritability, extreme tearfulness, difficulty in sleeping, weight or appetite changes. Please share this with a member of the team who will refer you for specialist advice and support.


Contact Information

Stroke Coordinator
Stroke Team
T: 020 3315 5269

Nell Gwynne Ward
4th Floor, Lift Bank B
T: 020 3315 8431/2

TIA Services
Medical Day Unit

Ground Floor, Lift Bank D
T: 020 3315 3265

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
369 Fulham Road
SW10 9NH


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