Butterfly Volunteer Service

The Trust is proud to work in partnership with the Anne Robson Trust to create a Butterfly Volunteer Service. The charity enables hospitals to set up and run teams of Butterfly Volunteers to provide bedside companionship to patients on the ward in their final days and hours, and emotional support to the patients’ visitors. The work these volunteers do is vital in supporting people facing the end of their life and those around them. To learn more about the service and referrals in your hospital, please email .

The Anne Robson Trust also runs a telephone support service. If you or someone close to you is dying, you can call on 0808 801 0688 and leave a message and they will reply on the same, or by the next working day. All UK calls are free and confidential.

Visit www.annerobsontrust.org.uk for more details about the charity. Registered charity n° 1178352.

George Vasilopoulos