Patient advice and guidance

Where to get advice and guidance

We are a very small team delivering a large in-demand service. Our treatment care pathway covers one appointment and discharge to to your GP with a detailed plan of care in your clinic letter. Any problems arising from your treatment should be discussed directly your GP who can then request timely specialist advice and guidance through the newly commissioned Rego platform. Where clinically indicated, a patient initiated follow-up appointment may offered.

For all other enquires please see the ‘Your visit’ section or for current patients only, email the You must include your NHS or hospital number in all correspondence.


  • Repeat prescriptions—for hospital only prescribed medication
    Follow the link in the left plane
  • HRT shortages or changing HRT
    Latest news: British Menopause Society further update on HRT supply. Any type or brand of HRT can be prescribed by your GP or advice can be sought via ERS. Including practical prescribing advice in  primary care, how to switch to an alternative HRT and prescribing equivalent doses.
  • Accessing results and letters
    Most results (excluding BMD) and all correspondence is available via the NHS app or our digital platforms. For copies of missing clinic summary letters, email the
  • Unscheduled bleeding or postmenopausal bleeding
    Contact your GP for advice and guidance. All episodes of postmenopausal bleeding should be referred urgently to the 2WW gynaecology rapid access clinic by your GP. For out of hours services, ring 111 or attend A&E. 
  • Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service: PALS

Mental health or crisis support

As a specialist hormone service, we do not provide psychiatric support. If you are having suicidal thoughts or just finding it difficult to cope, please speak to a friend or family member, your GP, call NHS 111 or attend A&E. 


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