LGBTQ+ history month

LGBTQ+ History Month is an important annual event recognising the history of LGBTQ+ civil rights movements, celebrating how far we have come in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality, and reflecting on the discrimination that many people in the UK and around the world still face today for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The theme of LGBTQ+ History Month 2021 is Mind, Body, Spirit, and it’s a great time to raise awareness of the health inequalities and issues still disproportionately impacting LGBTQ+ people. At our Trust we are proud to be at the forefront of tackling some of those inequalities—for instance, our sexual health service, specifically designed for the needs of trans* and non-binary people at Dean Street, is the first of its kind in the UK.

Staff speak about LGBTQ+ history month

Voices and visibility

Uncovering hidden histories

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LGBTQ+ history


  • 1871: Criminal prosecution of bank clerk Frederick Park and law student Ernest Boulton following theatrical performances in drag as Fanny and Stella


  • 1906: Socialist, poet, philosopher and anthropologist Edward Carpenter publishes Love’s Coming of Age


  • 1911: Composer and member of the suffrage movement Ethel Smyth composes The March of Women
  • 1914: British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology 


  • 1928: Poet and author Radclyffe Hall publishes The Well of Loneliness


  • 1952: Mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing chemically castrated
  • 1958: Homosexual Law Reform Society


  • 1960s: Reform rabbi, journalist and broadcaster Lionel Blue becomes the first British rabbi publicly to ‘affirm his homosexual orientation’
  • 1969: Campaign for Homosexual Equality
  • 1969: Scottish Minorities Group


  • 1970: LGBT activist and trade unionist Ted Brown becomes a member of Gay Liberation Front
  • 1972: Historian, author and travel writer Jan Morris travels abroad for gender reassignment surgery


  • 1981: Shipping Clerk and gay activist Belfast successfully challenges Northern Ireland's laws criminalising consensual sexual acts between men in private in the the European Court of Human Rights
  • 1983: LGBT activist Peter Tatchell fights Bermondsey by-election
  • 1984: Politician Chris Smith is the first out gay and HIV+ MP
  • 1984: Singer Jimmy Somerville performs at the Pits and Perverts benefit concert
  • 1986: Businesswoman and LGBT activist Linda Bellos becomes leader of Lambeth Council
  • 1987: Poet, singer and songwriter Labi Siffre writes (Something Inside) So Strong
  • 1989: Kath Gillespie-Sells founds REGARD, a national, volunteer-run organisation of disabled lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people
  • 1989: Lisa Power co-founds Stonewall


  • 1992: Stephen Whittle co-founds Press for Change
  • 1995: Trans activist Christine Burns joins the Parliamentary Forum on Transsexualism
  • 1997: Politician Angela Eagle becomes the first elected out lesbian MP
  • 1998: Poet, novelist and academic Jackie Kay publishes Trumpet
  • 1998: Media entrepreneur and politician Waheed Alli becomes the youngest and first out gay peer
  • 1999: Writer and medical researcher Barbara Burford becomes director of equality at the Department of Health
  • 1999: Television producer and screenwriter Russel T Davies produces Queer as folk


  • 2005: Educator, activist and founder of LGBTHM launches the first LGBT history month
  • 2006: Trade Unionist and Founder of Black Pride Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah launches the first UK Black Pride


  • 2012: Sportswoman Nicola Adams becomes the first woman to win and Olympic boxing title
  • 2013: Sportsman Tom Daley announces his relationship with a man 

Legal timeline

Death penalty for buggery abolished

  • 1861: England and Wales
  • 1889: Scotland

Offence of ‘gross indecency’ created

  • 1885: Across the UK

Decriminalisation of homosexual acts by two men over the age of 21 ‘in private’

  • 1967: England and Wales
  • 1980: Scotland
  • 1982: Northern Ireland
  • 1992: Isle of Man

Section 28 and 2A prohibits ‘promotion’ of homosexuality

  • 1988: England, Wales and Scotland

Employment rights

  • 1999: Trangender across UK

Repeal Section 28 and 2A

  • 2000: Scotland
  • 2003: England and Wales
  • 2006: Isle of Man

Duty to promote equality

  • 2000: Northern Ireland

Equal age of consent

  • 2001: England, Wales, Scotland (16 years), Northern Ireland (17 years)

Employment rights

  • 2003: Sexual orientation across UK

Gender recognition

  • 2004: Across the UK

Civil partnerships

  • 2005: Across the UK

Offence of hate crime

  • 2005: Sexual orientation across UK
  • 2009: Transgender: Scotland
  • 2012: Transgender: England, Wales, Northern Ireland

Equality Act

  • 2010: England, Wales and Scotland

Marriage (same sex couples)

  • 2014: England, Wales and Scotland


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