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COVID – 19 Vaccine Learning Disability Resources Available (March 2021)

Resources for people with learning disabilities

COVID-19 vaccination videos

There is a new vaccine that will help protect people from coronavirus. If you’re in one of the groups to get the vaccine, you will get a letter about how to get it.

People with a learning disability are being invited for their COVID Vaccine. Don’t worry if you haven’t been contacted yet—it will take a couple of weeks for GPs to contact everyone.

A guide to your COVID-19 vaccination—Easy Read

A vaccine is a medicine that helps keep you safe from coronavirus. When it is your turn to get the vaccine, you will get a letter.

Getting on the GP Learning Disability Register

If you’re not sure if you’re on the learning disability register, you can check with the GP surgery.

Annual health checks

Your GP should offer you an Annual Health Check and to book your Flu Vaccine when they book you for your COVID-19vaccine.

Reasonable adjustments

When you book your COVID Vaccine you can ask for Reasonable Adjustments to make the appointment easier for you and make you feel more relaxed.

What to expect after vaccination?

Public Health England have made some Easy Read information about what happens after you have had your vaccine.

Information for pregnant or breastfeeding people

If you could be pregnant or you are breastfeeding, you shouldn’t have the COVID-19 Vaccine unless you are most likely to get very ill from COVID-19 (sometimes called being clinically extremely vulnerable).

Vaccination Consent Form for Adults

Public Health England have made an Easy Read consent form for adults on having the vaccine.

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