Quality improvement

As a Trust we have an embedded quality improvement programme to drive change across our organisation. Our improvement programme is guided by our Quality Strategy 2019–25 which sets out our ambitions for quality in a way that is designed to be meaningful to our staff, patients, carers, commissioners and other stakeholders. We set out what outstanding means to us and provide an overarching framework to: 

  • Ensure we meet the needs of our patients, carers and communities
  • Deliver outstanding care
  • Work in partnerships to improve the health of the population
  • Grow and strengthen our culture of continuous quality improvement and improve staff experience and wellbeing
  • Deliver quality and value to achieve sustainability for the health service

Each year we set out four quality priorities and run Trustwide improvement programmes using improvement methodology to achieve our strategic and operational goals. Alongside this, we also support staff and volunteers to bring about change through local quality improvement projects using our research, innovation and quality improvement (RIQI) portal which provides access to personalised support and guidance from our RIQI team.

Each month we award the best RIQI idea with a prize, to demonstrate our commitment to improving services for our patients, carers, staff, volunteers and community.

To achieve a greener, more sustainable approach to change, we have launched a new sustainability programme alongside our yearly improvement programme which aims to improve our carbon footprint and deliver on the ambition for a ‘Net Zero’ NHS.


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