Support for patients

The intensive care unit has been running focus group for 10 years. Listening to patients’ experiences of critical care enables us to make changes to our service and develop specific information for patients and their families, particularly when they are discharged from the unit.

Feedback from the focus group has resulted in two projects. Both these projects have been developed to ensure patients and their relatives feel reassured and safe following their critical illness.

VIC—virtual intensive care professional

VIC is our virtual intensive care professional—the name suggested by staff on the unit. VIC is an email address which will be given to all patients and relatives on discharge so that when they go to the ward or home they email in any questions concerns or suggestions.

Emails will be answered within 72 hours and a log will be kept to help with future developments.

Visiting times

Max 2 visitors at one time 

Contact information

Intensive care unit (ICU)
5th Floor, Lift Bank B

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
369 Fulham Road
SW10 9NH

Jane-Marie Hamill
Clinical Nurse Lead

T: 020 3315 8516



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