Inpatient rehabilitation

People living with HIV who are admitted to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and receiving care from HIV services will be assessed and treated by specialist physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Our therapists will assess your functioning including physical, cognitive, mental and social health needs, and work with you to identify what is important to you.

Our physiotherapists will help you restore movement and function when affected by injury, illness or disability. They can also help reduce the risk of future health challenges and support you to live a healthy, active lifestyle through physical activity and exercise. When you meet our physiotherapists they will assess your functioning and physical ability. This will include a questionnaire from the World Health Organization (WHO) that lets you describe how you have been managing with everyday activities. Our physiotherapists may also measure your physical ability such as how quickly you can walk. Your physiotherapist will then provide an individualised rehabilitation plan, specific to your needs.

Our occupational therapists will provide support and practical solutions when illness or disability prevents you from doing the activities that matter to you. This may include everyday activities such as washing, dressing or getting to the shops. When you meet our occupational therapists, they will assess your functioning and support you to prepare for discharge from hospital. This will include assessing the everyday activities you find difficult, and to identify adaptations or equipment to optimise your independence. Your occupational therapist will then provide an individualised rehabilitation plan, specific to your needs.

Our physiotherapists and occupational therapists have access to a wide range of equipment to support your rehabilitation while in hospital, including machines to help you move, stand and walk. You will also have access to a designated space with exercise equipment, including an exercise bike, rowing machine and floor mat for stretching or yoga. Reducing how long you spend in bed, moving more, and keeping active while in hospital is important for your health, and helps you get home sooner—our therapists will support you to stay active while in hospital.


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