The Colposcopy Service is located in the Gynaecology Department, Outpatients 2, on the 1st floor, Lift Bank B. Colposcopy clinics run from Monday to Friday. Clinics operate in the morning and the afternoon.

COVID-19 Service update

The team is working very hard to try to see patients as soon as possible but, due to the pandemic, there is currently a delay of up to six months for routine colposcopy referrals. 

We offer the following services:

  • Colposcopy
  • Cervical screening tests
  • Cervical biopsy
  • Loop diathermy excision (also known as a LLETZ)
  • Cryocautery

Consultants and key staff

  • Mr Fatah Raslan – Lead Consultant for Colposcopy (Chelsea and Westminster and West Middlesex Hospitals)
  • Mr Nick Wales – Consultant (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital)
  • Miss Michelle Mooy – Consultant (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital)
  • Alison Molloy and Olivia Povey – Colposcopy Coordinators (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital)
  • Miss Yulia Gurtovaya – Consultant (West Middlesex Hospital)
  • Miss Suraiya Abdi – Consultant (West Middlesex Hospital)
  • Patience Okyere – Trainee Nurse Colposcopist (West Middlesex Hospital)
  • Shariba Hussain and Jacqueline Hill – Colposcopy Coordinators (West Middlesex Hospital)


You will be referred to the clinic by your GP or by 'Direct Referral' from St Mary's Cytology Laboratory (depending on where you live if you have had an abnormal smear test). We are unable to accept self-referrals. Patients are seen within two, four or six weeks depending on the referral.

For abnormal smear test referrals:

Women referred with borderline or low grade changes will be offered an appointment within six weeks and women with high grade changes will be offered an appointment within two weeks (from the date of referral).

Patients referred for other reasons will be seen within two, four or six weeks depending on the reason for referral.

Please note that Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is a teaching hospital and a trainee may be present/see you at your examination with your consent. Colposcopy is a specialised area in which a qualified doctor or nurse specialist may be receiving training, which is essential in sharing practice and knowledge.

Some other reasons for referral

  • Abnormal cervical screening test
  • GP unable to take a cervical screening tset
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Polyps
  • Cervical/vaginal warts
  • Abnormal looking cervix
  • Abnormal looking vagina


We are not on ERS/Choose and Book. Therefore all referrers will need to email the clinic directly to refer a patient.


Contact information

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Colposcopy Department
Outpatients 2 (Gynaecology), 1st Floor, Lift Bank B (through the Antenatal clinic)

If you have any queries prior to your appointment then please call us in the colposcopy clinic office on the number below.

T: 020 3315 5927

If you already have an appointment for a new appointment and need to reschedule then please contact our appointment office on 020 3315 5927.

If your appointment is specifically to return to the clinic for a follow up appointment (including cervical treatment) and you need to cancel/reschedule, then please call the colposcopy clinic office on 020 3315 5927.

If you are pregnant and also due to attend for a colposcopy then please call the colposcopy clinic office on 020 3315 5927. One of the Nurse Colposcopists will speak with you to determine if/when you need to be seen again during/after the pregnancy.


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