Beta Cell Centre for diabetes

What we do

The Beta Cell Centre at the hospital is a busy ‘one stop shop’ that allows patients with diabetes to be treated under the same roof by a variety of diabetes specialists working in a multidisciplinary team.

More than 20 people work in the Beta Cell Centre including diabetes specialist nurses, dietitians, podiatrists, retinal screeners, and a medical team lead by five consultants supported by secretarial staff. The centre also supports the Kensington and Chelsea Community Diabetes Service that runs diabetes clinics throughout the local area, including a consultant-led community clinic. This enables many patients to be treated away from the hospital site, with the backup of the specialised team always available. We work closely with local GPs, providing advice, education and support, including practice visits and joint clinics, as well as providing diabetes care at The Royal Brompton Hospital.

Urgent advice is available through the team of diabetes specialist nurses and consultants and we operate a same day service for urgent problems and assessment of new presentations of diabetes requiring urgent insulin initiation (accessed by calling the Diabetes Specialist Nurses).

In addition, the centre runs specialist clinics, including insulin pumps, antenatal, hypertension, bariatric and a special clinic for adolescents to help them come to terms with their illness and match their treatment to their adult life.

The centre also looks after inpatients with diabetes, including diabetes emergencies and foot disease, and provides advice and support for inpatients under other specialities who have diabetes.

Our team  

Our diabetes clinics are led by five Consultants in Diabetes: Dr M Feher, Dr K Shotliff, Dr A Wren, Dr D Morganstein and Dr V Greener, supported by Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Endocrine Specialist Nurse, Dietitian and Podiatrist.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Outpatients Department, Lower Ground Floor, Lift Bank C


T: 020 3315 8132 (Diabetes Specialist Nurses)
F: 020 8237 2732


T: 020 3315 2681 (new referrals)
020 3315 2720 (follow-up)
T: 020 3315 7916 (antenatal)

Accessing the Service

Patients should be referred into the service via their GP. Once they are under our care they can contact the diabetes team directly with all questions they may have, and to seek emergency support when needed.



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