STI testing

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates are on the increase in the UK. If you have had unprotected oral, vaginal or anal sex, you may be at risk and we advise you to book an appointment for STI testing.

STI testing usually involves any of the following procedures:

  • blood tests taken from the arm or via fingerprick
  • urine tests
  • swabs taken from the genitals, throat or anus according to what type of sex you have and what infections we are looking for

Arranging an STI test

It’s quick and easy to arrange STI testing. You can book an appointment or come to one of our walk-in sexual health clinics.

What if an STI test is positive?

If your STI test comes back positive, it is important that you come in for treatment. It is advisable that you inform your current and previous sexual partners so that they can attend a sexual health clinic for STI testing and treatment as well. When you are given treatment you will be advised to abstain from any sexual contact for a specified period of time and also until your current partner has also been treated.

We can contact your partners on your behalf if you would rather not reveal your identity to your sexual contacts.

STI tests

We provide a range of free STI tests. If you believe you may have been at risk of acquiring an STI through unprotected oral, vaginal or anal sex, it is important that you attend one of our sexual health clinics for STI testing.

Book an appointment

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