Your care as an outpatient

If your child has been diagnosed they will need regular appointments at the hospital. If we, together, manage the condition well, they will not need a stay in hospital. Instead, they will come as an outpatient to one of our paediatric diabetes clinics, run by our dedicated team.

During your child’s clinic appointment the following will be checked:

  • Height and weight
  • Blood pressure (high blood pressure can increase your risk of developing other health problems)
  • Blood glucose and HbA1C (this is a longer term measure of diabetes control)
  • Review of diabetes control

Clinic times

General Diabetes Clinic: Tuesday morning

  • Teenage Diabetes Clinic: Friday afternoons once a month
  • Young Adult Transition Clinic (from 16 years): 1 afternoon/month jointly with a paediatric consultant and an adult consultant
  • Pump Clinic: Tuesday mornings and the second Friday of each month

If you’d like further specialist support for your child (such as psychological or dietary advice) we have specialist clinics available—speak to a member of our team.

Annual check-up

All children and young people will require an annual review, which takes place at a clinic appointment. This is an important annual milestone as we do a full screening to ensure their diabetes is being appropriately controlled and that they are managing their diabetes day-to-day.

The annual check-up includes:

  • Investigations: Blood tests to check kidney function, cholesterol levels and to test for other autoimmune conditions such as coeliac disease
  • Eye screening: For children over 12 years old or who have had diabetes for 5 years or more—this is not carried out at the clinic but you will be referred to an eye specialist
  • Urine sample
  • Psychological support questionnaire
  • Dietary review
  • Overall review of diabetes control and setting goals for the next year
  • Review of school healthcare plan 


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