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The CW+ PROUD Awards are awarded by the divisions and the corporate directorates every month. The three divisions and the corporate directorates can each recognise an individual or a team that has exceeded expectations and gone the extra mile in carrying out their work. These awards are kindly sponsored by our charity CW+.

All nominees must have worked above and beyond what is normally expected. If you would like to nominate a team or individual please choose at least two of the following criteria to say how they have gone the extra mile:

  • Living the PROUD values
  • Providing excellent, safe, caring services to patients
  • A great piece of work which exceeds expectation
  • An outstanding contribution to the implementation of a new service or the redesign and delivery of an existing service
  • Innovation—an idea or change of practice that improved the quality of a service
  • Delivery of outstanding results in challenging circumstances
  • A successful intervention that got people working together more effectively
  • Cost reduction or income generation over and above expected levels

Please provide answers that describe the positive impact of your nominee.

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