Volunteers are here to improve and enhance the patient experience, complementing the work of employed staff across the Trust. Volunteering at our Trust gives you the chance to support your local health service by offering safe and compassionate care and support to our patients. The Volunteer community at Chelsea and Westminster come from all walks of life and represent the diversity of the communities we serve. All our volunteers are passionate about improving patient experience.

Our Volunteer Services are undergoing an expansion. While we currently have more than 300 registered volunteers working at the Trust, our aim is to significantly increase this number within the next three years so that volunteers can continue to contribute to improved patient services on a much larger scale, as we recognise the positive impact volunteering makes at the Trust.

We ask our volunteers to offer a regular commitment to their role and, in return, we provide an exciting opportunity to meet people, learn new skills and, most importantly, make a difference to people's lives.  

Volunteering—what’s in it for you?

Volunteering is both exciting and rewarding. It gives you the chance to use your existing skills environment or development a range of entirely new skills. There are lots of reasons why you may choose to become a volunteer:

  • You would like to give something back to the Trust following treatment at the hospital provided to you or a family member
  • You enjoying making a positive difference to the lives of others
  • You enjoy helping others and want to play a role in improving patient and visitor experience
  • You want to contribute to your local community
  • You would like to develop new skills
  • You want to demonstrate your existing skills and further your personal  development
  • You want to use your existing skills in a new environment
  • You are keen to meet new people and work with people from all walks of life
  • You would like to show potential employers that you are reliable and committed to work and training
  • You would like to sample a potential healthcare career

Best of all, volunteering improves your health! Studies have concluded that people who volunteer live longer, have better health and lower rates of depression than those who don’t. We will support you during your time with us to ensure that you are properly trained and have a named point of contact during your time at the Trust.

Who can volunteer?

The Trust's values demonstrate the standard of care and experience that patients and members of the public should expect from any of our services. We expect all employees and volunteers to adopt a values-based approach to all activities. 

These values, which bring together the former values of both Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and West Middlesex University Hospital, form the mnemonic PROUD:

  • Putting patients first
  • Responsive to, and supportive of, patients and staff
  • Open, welcoming and honest
  • Unfailingly kind, treating everyone with respect, compassion and dignity
  • Determined to develop our skills and continuously improve the quality of care

Working by our values

Why not have a read of the questions below and see how you would answer them?

  • Putting patients first: Have you ever cared for a family member or friend? Or assisted a family member or friend at a time of need?
  • Responsive to, and supportive of, patients and staff: Have you ever had to go out of your way to help a family member or friend? Has there been a time when you may have had to motivate family, friends or colleagues to do something for the good of others?
  • Open, welcoming and honest: Do you consider yourself to be a trustworthy person? Have you ever been praised for your trustworthiness? Have you ever made a mistake at work and helped to devise a solution?
  • Unfailingly king, treating everyone with respect, compassion and dignity: Do you consider yourself to be exceptionally kind, compassionate and empathetic with a genuine interest in caring for people?
  • Determined to develop our skills and continuously improve the quality of care: Do you typically set yourself goals and feel accomplished when they are achieved? Are you committed to learning when presented with the opportunity to do so?

If you’ve answered yes to most of these questions then you are well on your way to demonstrating our PROUD values which is key to volunteering at the Trust. As we only employ the best, we are looking for confident and enthusiastic people who are also:

  • Reliable
  • Punctual
  • Friendly and positive
  • Easy-going with a friendly personality and who enjoy meeting new people
  • Presentably clean and tidy in appearance
  • Respectful and understanding of different patients' cultures and backgrounds
  • Objective and non-judgemental

If all of the above sounds like you, then you may be eligible to apply. Please check the entry criteria below before submitting your application.

Entry criteria

If you are considering applying to become a volunteer, please ensure that you meet our entry requirements before submitting an application:

  • You must be 16 years if age or older
  • You must have the right to work in the UK
  • You must commit to a minimum of 4 hours per week over 6 months, or full time hours while on a break from work, school, or college
  • You must have an email address 

If you meet the above criteria, then you are eligible to apply! Please take a look at our job roles and see which role is best suited. 

Job roles

At present we are recruiting to one job role, with more positions to come in future! So don’t forget to check back again at a later date if you don’t find the perfect position today.

Bleep volunteer

In this role volunteers will initially work with the pharmacy team to help to support the delivery of stock, medication and prescriptions to priority wards. It is anticipated that once established these roles will develop into a broader service across the Trust.

Volunteers in this role will be given a pager to allow pharmacy to get in touch with them and allocate duties while volunteers continue to make deliveries across the Trust. People suited to this role will be those who enjoy a variety of tasks while keeping active. You will be expected to become familiar with the layout of the hospital in order to make deliveries in an effective and timely manner. You will be provided with support from exciting volunteers and have the opportunity to become part of a wider team of volunteers at the Trust.

Hours: Flexible
Location: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and West Middlesex University Hospital

Contact information

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

T: 020 3315 6864

West Middlesex University Hospital

T: 020 3315 6864

Volunteering at St Stephen’s Centre (sexual health)

St Stephen’s Volunteers provides specific support to Sexual Health and HIV patients—some of the roles include: 

  • Providing a refreshment service to HIV patients in Kobler Clinic and Ron Johnson Ward
  • A meet-and-greet role at St Stephen’s Centre and at 10 Hammersmith Broadway
  • Other support roles at John Hunter Clinic, St Stephen’s Centre and Ron Johnson Ward

For more information see the St Stephen’s Volunteers website or call 020 3315 5929.


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