Blood Glucose Monitoring

Blood Glucose Monitoring

You will be commencing on blood glucose monitoring for 1-2 weeks to rule out Gestational Diabetes. The length of Blood glucose monitoring depends on your gestation. It is very important that you test your blood sugars 4 times a day and you DO NOT change your diet. We need to see if your body is producing enough insulin for your normal diet.

In your pack we have included a copy of the GP letter that you need to hand into your GP surgery for your prescription. Please add your personal ID sticker onto the letter provided and hand this in to your GP practice as soon as possible.

Please check your blood glucose levels 4 times a day; first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything (fasting)and 1 hour after finishing your breakfast, lunch and evening meal.

Your target blood glucose levels should be as follows:-

Fasting/Before Breakfast:       <5.3mmol/l
1 hour after meals:                  <7.8mmol/l

It is important to add information of your dietary intake, including snacks and drinks plus also any exercise that you do onto the GDM-Health app.

If you experience more than 3 out of target range blood glucose levels then please firstly email our team email address at (please do not request a call back via the app, as we have no way of identifying what problem or query you may have). Please include the reason for your email in the subject, for instance:

  • FAO: Consultant/ Midwife/ Nurse
  • App queries or problems
  • Appointment issues
  • Prescription issues - please contact us in advance before you run out of medicines, if you need a repeat hospital prescription.
    Prescription issues for needles or testing strips need to be addressed by your GP as we do not stock these items in our hospital pharmacy

If you are concerned about your diabetes management there is further information on our diabetes page.

If you are concerned about your obstetric management, please contact your midwife or the Maternity Assessment Unit as detailed in your main maternity notes (0203 315 6000).


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