Gynaecology Rapid Access Service (GRAS)

What we do

Based at Chelsea and Westminster, we offer support and information for women who may be worried they might have cancer. Post-menopausal bleeding can be a symptom of endometrial cancer and women with this symptom should be seen within two weeks of referral. Only about 5–10% of this type of bleeding has a sinister cause, but our service exists to offer women efficient and effective investigation and specialist care—we aim to provide early diagnosis and quick treatment to help support the best possible outcome.

We offer a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan during the first appointment and the decision can be made on need for hysteroscopy on the same day. Women are also given the option of having this as an outpatient or under general anaesthetic. Most patients usually opt for the outpatient procedure as this saves time and avoids the effects of the general anaesthesia.

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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Gynaecology Rapid Access Service (GRAS)
1st Floor, Lift Bank B

Outpatient Hysteroscopy Clinic
Lower Ground Floor, Gate 2

T: 020 3315 5076


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