Quality accounts and priorities

Priority 1 (Patient Safety): Reduction of acquired pressure ulcers both in hospital and the community

Objective: To see a reduction in hospital acquired pressure ulcers.

Priority 2 (Patient Safety): Embedding the WHO surgical checklist

Objective: To fully embed use of the WHO checklist across the organisation, reflecting feedback from the CQC’s review of the services we provide and building on existing progress.

Priority 3 (Patient Safety): Early identification of the deteriorating patient

Objective: To rapidly identify potentially unwell and/or septic patients and institute prompt treatment, in order to reduce mortality and morbidity.

Priority 4 (Clinical Effectiveness): To reduce avoidable admissions of term babies to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Objective: To deliver a 20% reduction in the number of term babies admitted unexpectedly to the neonatal unit.

Priority 5 (Patient Experience): Friends and Family Test inpatient responses

Objective: To use the Friends and Family Test as a key measure for our continued ambition to provide excellent experience of care in everything we do.This measure was chosen by our governors.

For further details about how will meet these objectives, please see the full Quality Report which is part of our Annual Report.


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