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Apprentices awarded certificates this National Apprenticeship Week

10 February 2022

Twenty-eight colleagues who have been working and studying towards their apprenticeships in clinical and non-clinical roles have been awarded their certificates of completion.
Apprentices awarded certificates this National Apprenticeship Week

Saxon and Amy-Grace receive their certificates

This week 7–13 February 2022 is National Apprenticeship Week, and we are showcasing the impact of apprenticeships in our Trust. This year’s theme is ‘build the future’, reflecting on how apprenticeships can help individuals develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career. 

On Monday 7 February, twenty-eight of our apprentices were awarded their certificates of completion. They have been working under the expert supervision of staff in the Trust in both clinical and non-clinical pathways, learning new skills and boosting their confidence. We spoke to our graduates to find out how they found their apprenticeship experience: 

Rachel is currently a Registered Nurse Degree Apprentice (RNDA) who started as a Healthcare Assistant at West Middlesex University Hospital.

“Apprenticeships allow you to earn a salary and get a qualification at the same time, which was a very attractive option. Another advantage is that I always have access to support and guidance, whether from my colleagues, practice development team or my university. I learn how to handle real-life situations as opposed to classroom scenarios. My apprenticeships have taught me to think like a nurse and steadily transition into the role.”

Alia has just completed a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship at West Middlesex University Hospital.

“I had an amazing time completing my apprenticeship and received plenty of support from my assessor and my team. Thank you for this opportunity!”

Apprentice Nursing Associate (ANA) Saxon has now completed the two-year course.

“I have developed many valuable skills and new knowledge. Learning on the job is something I enjoy, and I would definitely recommend apprenticeships to other health care workers who want to further their careers.”

Amy-Grace (ANA) decided to pursue nursing after leaving education.

“An apprenticeship was the best option for my career – working and earning a salary, as opposed to working for free for three whole years and having to pay back a large student debt! We were thrown in the deep end at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and somehow managed to qualify during all the uncertainty and unsettling times. I am proud to finish alongside my colleagues, and cannot wait to continue my career journey!” 

Romaine, Apprentice Nurse Associate (ANA) will qualify in February 2022 as Registered Nursing Associate (RNA):

“As far back as I can remember, I dreamt of becoming a nurse, and I came to the UK from the Caribbean to follow that dream. I became a Healthcare Assistant at West Middlesex Hospital on the respiratory ward, and it was from here that I started the Apprentice Nursing Associate programme.”

“As an ANA, I worked on ITU, where I learnt about caring for critically ill patients. On the surgical and orthopaedic ward, I learnt about caring for pre-op and post-op patients and observed a theatre surgery. I also had the opportunity to work in ED paediatric, which was an amazing opportunity to learn about caring for children, whilst supporting their parents or guardians. The apprenticeship allowed me to increase my knowledge and develop my strengths to enable me to become a better nurse in the future.”  

Mabel (ANA) found the apprenticeship challenging, but her goal to be a qualified nurse drove her to persevere with the course, and she has completed it with top marks.

“Although it was stressful, the help and support we got from Cathy, Georgina, Cher, Aíne, Cess, and the University team was exceptional – thank you to everyone who has been there for these past two years. I look forward to doing the top-up course, and to doing my very best to support my patients and colleagues. Thank you once again, and I feel very proud of myself to have done this course. I encourage anyone who wants to do it to take a chance.”

Congratulations to all our apprentices who have taken steps towards their career goals whilst providing excellent patient-centred care and non-clinical support. You have proven that apprentices are truly building the future of our Trust.  

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