Simulation in health care creates a safe learning environment which enables researchers and practitioners to test new clinical processes and enhance their individual and team skills.

Our High-fidelity mannequins can show signs and symptoms of acute deterioration and respond to your eventual treatment, allowing you and the other practitioners to embed clinical skills without causing any risk to patients.

The various courses / study days, are focused on the understanding of Human Factors such as communications, situational awareness, leadership, assertiveness, team working and how each one of them can affect the delivery of patient care.

The benefits of simulation-based training include:

  • No risk to patients: Clinicians practice on the purpose built manikins rather than on patients and errors are allowed to happen.
  • Improved patient care: Trainees can practice and improve their skills in a safe psychological environment so they feel competent when interacting with real patients.
  • Optimised learning experiences: Candidates can train at convenient times and also experience rare cases through planned simulation sessions, rather than ad-hoc exposure to varying patient cases.

Simulation Facility

  • In Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, we are part of the Centre for Clinical Practice (CCP), located on the LG floor, lift bank D.
  • In West Middlesex University Hospital, we are based in the Education Centre - right outside the main building.

Both our sites have two designated simulation rooms with high-tech AV system that can be linked to a seminar room, supporting the learning not only of the active candidates involved in the Simulated scenario, but also of the observers.

Simulation Team

Our goal is to provide Education, Patient Safety and Professional Development through High-fidelity simulation technology and Human Factors.

Our team provides training cross sites and we work hard to provide support and facilitate many other teams in the delivery of simulated teaching.

  • Marco is our Clinical Simulation Facilitator, primarily based CW site. Marco is a surgical nurse with HDU experience by background, previous experience in education as Clinical Practice Facilitator and with experience in simulation prior to starting with us in May 2022.
  • Aurora is our Clinical Simulation Nurse primarily based WM site. Aurora is also a surgical nurse by background with previous experience in education. She started with us in March 2022
  • Mark is our Simulation and Education Technician – cross-site. Mark has 20 years of experience in pre-hospital care setting and two years’ experience as a simulation technician. He started with us in November 2021

Do you want to know more or interested in getting involved?

If you would like to know about what we offer, or simply you have an interest in simulation, please do come to visit our team at the Centre for Clinical Practice in CW or at the Education Centre in WM, or you can either contact us on:

Our working time:

  • Mon-Fri from 9am–5pm
  • We are off on weekends and Bank Holidays


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