HIV rehabilitation

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital provides specialist rehabilitation services for people living with HIV, including Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

What we do

HIV is now considered a long-term condition where people living with HIV taking treatments can have normal life expectancies, with good quality of life.  However people living longer with HIV may develop other health conditions because of HIV, treatments or ageing. For many people living with HIV, periods of good health may be interrupted by illness or disability. Rehabilitation such as Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy can help people living with HIV remain healthy, recover from illness or episodic disability, and return to an independent and active life at home, at work and in the community.

Chelsea and Westmister Hospital provides specialist rehabilitation services for people living with HIV. We offer inpatient Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy and outpatient Physiotherapy.

Inpatient rehabilitation

People living with HIV admitted to Chelsea and Westmister Hospital receiveing care from HIV services, will be assessed and treated by specialist Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Our therapists will assess your physical, cognitive, mental and social health needs and work with you to identify what is important for you.

Our Physiotherapists will help you restore movement and function when affected by injury, illness or disability. They can also help reduce the risk of future health challanges and support you to live a healthy, active lifestyle through physical activity and exercise.

Our Occupational Therapists will provide support and practical sollutions when illness or disability prevents you from doing the activities that matter to you. This may include everyday activites such as washing, dressing or getting to the shops.

Outpatient HIV physiotherapy

People receving HIV care from any of our HIV clinics, can be referred by any healthcare professional to our specialist HIV Physiotherapists. Clinics are located in Kobler Day Care where you receive individual Physiotherapy. We also provide a group rehabilitation intervention called The Kobler Rehabilitation Class.

Please note: We currently only accept referrals from across the Trust—please speak to your HIV clinician who can make an electronic referral via our patient records system Lastword.

Individual Physiotherapy can support you with aches and pains, movement and mobility problems, body image concerns, low mood and depression, side effects of treatments, brain and nerve problems, heart and lung conditions and help to be more active and exercise.

kobler rehab logo

Dear Kobler Rehab Class participants

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control we are suspending the twice-weekly Kobler Rehab Class. The current staffing in the specialist team that run the group are leaving at the end of May and we have been unable to recruit staff with the highly skilled experience needed for this class. We anticipate that new staff members will be able to assist with the running of Kobler classes following an extensive induction and training period. We feel we would be doing a disservice to the class and all participants to continue without this.

During the period of suspension we would advise that you keep active and we have a number of resources that we can signpost you towards for availability in your local area. Outpatient physiotherapy services will continue to run as normal.

We apologise for the short notice and for the suspension of the class and hope that it will be for a short period of time only. We appreciate that this class and access to it is important to many of you and hope that you will continue to support us while we resolve this issue and train new staff to be able to meet the needs of your class.

To ensure that we are able to communicate with you about the date we are able to restart the class we would ask you to ensure that your contact details are correct with a member of the therapy team and that you are happy to be contacted.

Please feel free to share this information with friends or other participants.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this with a member of the team we would be very happy to discuss it with you. Please contact us on 020 3315 8126.


Our team

Our team consists of a specialist physiotherapist and occupational therapist and one rotational senior physiotherapist who are are members of the Health and Care Professionals Council, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, College of Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation in HIV Association and World Confederation of Physical Therapy. We are a research active team and welcome your participation to improve services and care.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

We are located on the Ground Floor, Lift Bank C


T: 020 3315 8126

Opening hours

Our service runs Mon–Fri from 8:30am–4:30pm


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