Your hospital visit

Going beyond for our patients and community

Our aim is to go beyond for patients and members of the public. This means wherever you receive care—at either of our hospitals, or within the community—we put you first.

We want to provide care that is high quality and safe, delivered within a safe and clean environment that uses the latest technology.

If you have not already done so, please register with the Care Information Exchange which allows you to view hospital letters and manage appointments online—learn more.

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Improving your care with digital systems

New technology is helping us to deliver safe, high-quality and remote clinical care for our patients.

Our digital systems are designed to improve how we connect and communicate with patients to ensure we provide excellent care when we are unable to meet in person. They also enable you to take control of your own healthcare—including booking appointments, accessing your electronic health record, and remotely monitoring and reporting your symptoms.

We’re bringing our teams to you with video consultations from the comfort of your home or workplace. We’re listening to you about what works for you.

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