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Complementary Aromatherapy in Outpatient Hysteroscopy

A doctor has recommended that you have a gynaecological outpatient procedure. This could be one of a number of different procedures we provide for patients in the outpatient setting (while you are awake), such as hysteroscopy, ultrasound scanning and related procedures, or as part of your IVF investigations and treatment.

Complementary aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a form of complementary medicine that uses essential oils to try and promote a patient’s mood and health. It can be used as an additional technique, alongside music, relaxation or breathing techniques as part of a holistic approach to minimise any anxiety you may feel before having your procedure.

If you feel anxious, this may cause increased difficulty in the procedure, increased physical discomfort, and/or the need for higher doses of medicine if you require sedation for your procedure. You may also need more pain relief to manage any discomfort you may experience after the procedure.

We are offering aromatherapy as a complementary therapy only, it is not intended to replace medical care and/or medication.

If you choose to have complementary aromatherapy alongside your recommended procedure and medical care, you may find it does not make a difference to how you feel during the procedure, or shortly afterwards.

How will it be used?

If offered during your procedure, the aromatherapy essential oils can be inhaled either via diffuser within the clinic room, or by having 1-2 drops of essential oil placed on a paper towel which can be held near to your nose to smell.

It will not be applied directly in contact with your skin. If the oils do make contact with your skin, we will provide soap and access to water to remove it.


If you have any known allergies to essential oils, or suffer from a nut allergy, please inform staff members so they can guide you as to whether the aromatherapy is a safe complementary therapy alongside your care.

What if I do not want to have aromatherapy

This is intended to be a complementary therapy only. It does not in any way replace the medical care you will receive and is not compulsory.

Please inform the staff working in the clinical area where you are having your procedure and they will ensure the aromatherapy diffuser is switched off or removed during your care.

What happens now?

You can opt in to having complementary aromatherapy during your procedure. Please inform staff if you are or are not happy to receive this.

If you have any questions please ask the ambulatory gynaecology team who will be looking after you during your procedure.

If you have any further concerns or questions please contact the number provided below.

Useful contacts

If you have any further questions, please contact hysteroscopy service or speak to your GP. 

Please let us know if you have any queries/ concerns.

  • Hysteroscopy email:
  • Hysteroscopy phone number: (Mondays and Fridays- 9am - 5pm only) 07468 740422

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