Sunshine Day Unit (WM)

Welcome to Sunshine Day Unit

Coming into hospital can be stressful but we would like your stay to be as comfortable as possible. We hope this leaflet will be useful. Please read it carefully. Do not hesitate to ask staff any questions you may have.

Before coming to hospital

For your child to have their surgery he or she will not be able to eat prior to coming to hospital on the day of the operation.

  • If they take regular medication please give it at 6am unless you have been advised not to give the medication when they are seen in pre-assessment clinic
  • Your child must not eat food, drink milk or formula after 3am
  • If your child is breastfed, their last feed must be finished by 5am
  • Your child may drink small quantities of water up until 6:30am—do try and give at least one drink before 6:30am


Parents or carers are welcome to come with their child. Please do not bring other family members into the hospital on this day, as there is simply no space to accommodate them.

Only one parent can accompany their child into the anaesthetic room, this is due to space restrictions.

Things to bring with you

  • Any medication your child is taking
  • A favourite toy or comforter
  • A cup or bottle for after the procedure
  • A special snack and drink for after the procedure
  • Comfortable clothing

Day cases

When having a day case procedure your child will be admitted to Sunshine Day Unit, which is located on the 3rd floor of the East Wing. Press the buzzer on the main door marked Starlight Inpatient Ward; the staff will direct you to Sunshine Day Unit.

Car parking

All visitors must pay for parking; a payment machine is located at the main entrance to the hospital.

On the day

When you arrive at Sunshine Day Unit the staff will check your child’s details. A nurse will show you to the playroom or bed area. You will briefly meet your child’s surgeon and anaesthetist.

You may have to wait a while before your child goes to theatre, during this time you are encouraged to spend time in the playroom until your child is ready to be taken to theatre. Children must be supervised at all times in the playroom.  

Parent’s room

We have a parent’s room on the unit; there is a television, microwave, fridge and facilities to make a hot drink.


Please do not bring any valuables with you. The hospital does not accept liability for any loss or damage to your personal property. If your child wears jewellery this should be removed and left at home. Also please remove any nail polish.

Eating facilities

The unit does not provide meals for parents and carers, there are a number of options:

  • Tea and coffee are available on the unit
  • Rumbles restaurant on the ground floor
  • The coffee shop in the main entrance 
  • The hospital shop located in the main entrance
  • Shop and ward trolley, a service selling newspapers, sweets, crisps, fruit and minor items circulated the unit each morning

After surgery or procedure

After the child’s surgery or procedure they will be able to have something to eat and drink. Please wait until you have spoken to a nurse before offering them anything.

Going home

The doctor or nurse looking after your child will decide when your child can go home. This is usually at least two hours after the operation. This will vary for each child depending on what was done and their recovery time.

You will be given written information advising you on the after care and advising you on potential problems. If you require any medications please ensure you give them as the doctor instructed.

Before you come in to have your procedure we advise you have some pain relief available for home we recommend paracetamol and ibuprofen unless otherwise instructed.

Friends and family tests

You (or your child) will be asked to comment on your experience during your admission on the unit. This helps develop our service and ensure we are providing the standard of care you require. We appreciate your time to help us do this. 


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